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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Philippines' Bike Man: Jecenth Mateo

The local government of Cainta awarded a piece of land to Jecenth Mateo, a young construction worker.

A GMA News YouScoop video shows that this young man hastily chased a motorist that hit a lady traffic enforcer and attempted to escape. He alighted from his bicycle and immediately chased the suspect.

Jecenth is an inspiration for his bravery and kindness for helping someone in need.

Today, Unang Hirit hosts bought a new bike for Jecenth as gift for his act.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Do You Bike To Work?

Do You Bike To Work? I think it was about 2 years ago already, when I purchased my folding bike from mars kingdom located in Binondo worth about 12,500 pesos.

I started biking to work November 2015. It was good but it was hard to make it go uphill. Somewhere in my daily route to the office, you have to go uphill 2 times. When I went up to antipolo with my folding bike, it began to show signs of breaking. So I decided to purchase a new bike. I've been told to buy a mountain bike so I can go uphill easier. (I don't know yet if that is true.) It's Giant Talon 3 2016 model. You can just visit this link to see full specs, if you are so curious. (

Now it's been 3 months that I am biking to work and it feels good to do it 5 times a week. I want to share with my readers what the pros are if you bike to work as well like me.  

1. Reduce Expenses in Commuting
Before I was biking, I used to ride the LRT and the MRT. I ride the train from Central Terminal LRT Station and get off at EDSA LRT Station. I cross the bridge to get to MRT Pasay/Taft Avenue station. Ride the train there, and then get off at Ortigas MRT Station.
If you look at the table I created below, you will see how much the cost I have to pay for in a day.
That is just going to the office! 40 pesos x 2 (going to office and going home), that will be 80 pesos in a day! Let's say, in a month, that means 20 days.

 80 pesos x 20 days = 1600 pesos!

Imagine how much you could save in a month if you are biking to work!

2. Biking helps reduce uric acid levels 
I couldn't believe it myself but it is true. My uric acid levels were above warning levels already before I was biking to work. But after only a month of biking, my uric acid levels were down within acceptable levels. I was so glad. 

3. Biking promotes clean environment
Bicycles are non-motorized vehicles, so that means it does not emit black smoke and it does require little effort for maintenance unlike motorized vehicles.

These are some of the pros but if my readers have something else to share, please post them as comments below. 

Before I end this post, I want to remind my readers and followers to ride safe, wear safety gear, and 
follow traffic rules!  God Bless!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Guy Got Hit On The Head With Handlebar

Watch this video how this guy got hit on the head with the handlebar. I was making sounds already as I approached him. I thought he was just looking downwards but then he suddenly bowed down to sit on the floor! I crashed on the jeep. I looked at him, and see that he's okay. We both waved at each other, maybe to signify that it's just an accident and no big deal.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Bikes Lanes In Ortigas Get Blocked By Vehicles

This was the video that became viral and featured in WhenInManila, Rappler, Umagang Kay Ganda in ABSCBN channel 2 and also reported ( I was just told by my friends in Facebook) in TV Patrol.

Witness how they block the bike lanes in Ortigas!This is the first part of the video before I go to cross the Julia Vargas Avenue.
Posted by Joubert Siao on Thursday, January 28, 2016

 Do you also experience this kind of problem when going in the bike lane to work?

2 vehicle accidents last January

I had the chance last January, year 2016, to ride my MTB to go around Ortigas towards Tiendesitas and then Julia Vargas, back to Manila.
I hoped for safe travels in my route but I did not expect to see some scenes of vehicular accidents. I had my sony action cam HDR-AS20 attached to my helmet and I managed to get some photos.

 This is the photo of the accident that involved a motor and a car in Tiendesitas.

On my way back to Manila, I encountered a little bit of traffic somewhere near Nagtahan Bridge and I realized there was a car that hit a cement blockade.

The policemen are assisting us in controlling traffic caused by the car blocking the road.

It seems that on that day alone, there were 2 accidents already, and that goes to show that our roads are not safe.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Bike Lanes Philippines' First Post

Hi to all.

This is my first blog post. Hurray!

I decided to create this blog site to develop awareness and to campaign for road sharing, road safety, and strict observance and implementation of bike lanes in the Philippines. This is a personal move for me because I ride my bike to work, and I always fear for my life when I do this.

It is a scary decision just to reduce my daily expenses and also give money for my mother who is having her dialysis sessions 3 times a week.

I want to know from my readers, why do you bike to work?